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Concerned DeSoto Citizens was organized in 1989 to serve as a vital organization for promoting and providing educational assistance to all children of DeSoto, Texas and the surrounding area. One of CDC's main objectives is to promote and encourage students to seek higher education through the awarding of scholarships. In addition, CDC networks with community leaders and other organizations on activities to build a stronger community.
CDC is a non-profit organization. Regular membership is extended to any DeSoto citizen 18 years or older and anyone who has voting privileges in the City of DeSoto.
CDC meets the 2nd Saturday of every month at 9:30 a.m. in the DeSoto Library Assembly Hall at Pleasant Run and Hampton Road in DeSoto, Texas. The general public is invited to attend this very informative community meeting.

For additional information, phone the CDC Information Line at (972) 230-1385 or (972) 274-9795 or send e-mail to concerneddesotocitizens@yahoo.com.

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Updated November 8, 2013